At Mad About Trees we can undertake a number of tree work projects including crown thinning, crown reduction, pruning and even tree removal. So if you are looking to thin the crowns of trees and allow more light to pass through or if you are just looking to disassemble small sections of a tree then we can complete this for you.

Crown thinning: to evenly reduce canopy density with a well-spaced and balanced branch structure.

Crown reduction/reshaping: sympathetically reducing the height or spread of the canopy – may be partial to create clearance from overhead lines or the property.

​Crown lifting: pruning to achieve a desired vertical clearance above ground level or other surfaces.

Formative pruning: ​for young trees. To produce a tree which in maturity will be be free from major physical weaknesses, complementing the management objectives of the site.

Crown cleaning: the removal of larger dead limbs, damaged or broken branches and the removal of objects that are unsightly or may harm the tree; wires, clamps, boards and old cable ties.

Pollarding: ​pruning a young tree to create a dense head of foliage and branches that will be managed on a cyclical basis.

​Coppicing: cutting trees close to ground level with the intention of encouraging regrowth of multiple shoots. Generally used to encourage attractive bark or foliage in some maples, Cercis, Eucalyptus, Catalpa and willow species.

Some of our pruning projects