Mad About Trees Ltd can fulfil all of your hedge-cutting works, from an annual ‘trim’ to restoration and reduction works to over-grown hedges to bring them back into management.

MAINTENANCE: Most hedge species require little more than an annual ‘trim’ to manage or control new growth, keeping the hedge at the desired height. More vigorous species, such as privet, to keep neat and tidy, require more frequent attention.

HEDGE RESTORATION/REDUCTION: Some species, like the ubiquitous Leyland cypress, often become overgrown and too large to be cut by the owner. We can advise on and undertake works to minimize disfigurement and prevent dieback, pruning to encourage new foliage and restoring the hedge to provide a positive benefit to the garden.

HEDGE REMOVAL:‚Äč Hedges removed, including the stumps if required, to allow for replacement with a new hedge or other boundary treatments.

Some of our hedge care projects